My Quran Study - One Ayah a Day

It's amazing to concentrate on just ONE Ayah in a day, you will find what knowledge Allah stored for you, you will find what Islam you knew before was nothing, that's why Allah said whoever is not contemplating on his Ayah are deluded (Quran 51:9, 47:24). Allah, The absolute truth, said the truth.

DO NOT ask for FORGIVENESS for KAFIR and MUSHREEK, Mushrikeen are for fire, My comments and understanding, On Bangla Translation, On Muslims in Kuffar's Mind-Set, PROHIBITIONS - Worship, Shirk, Mushrik, Acts of shirk, The Certain Knowledge, What happens after DEATH?, What is Shirk?, Who are the people of HELL?, Worshipping something along with Allah

9:113 At-Taubah. Mu’min has the KNOWLEDGE that the MUSHRIKIN (dead) are for FIRE (O Muslim who are in Mind-Set of Kuffar, NOTE it)

Allah (Q & A about Allah), Allah DOES NOT GUIDE the Zalimun, Allah's STATEMENTS (about KUFFAR), Allah's STATEMENTS (about ZALIMUN), DO NOT TAKE Jews and Christians as FRIEND or PROTECTOR or as allies, Jews and Christians are ALLIES of one another, One who takes Jews and Christian as ally, friend and protector, Q & A relates to JAHANNAM Hell & Punishment, Who Allah DO NOT GUIDE?, Who Allah DOES NOT GUIDE?, Who is Zaleem (Oppressor, Wrongdoer, Loser), You are ONE of THEM when you take JEWS and Christians as FRIENDS or PROTECTOR

Al-Mā’idah 5:51 Whoever takes Jews and Christians as FRIENDS or PROTECTOR or as ALLIES, He is a ZALEEM (Oppressor, Wrongdoer, Loser)