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2:102 Allah does NOT GUIDE those who follow KUFFARS' WAY of LIFE, 2:120 Allah's guidance is the ONLY GUIDANCE, 2:120. Following KUFFAR'S DEEN (Kuffar's WAY of LIFE, DEALING with KUFFARS and their SYSTEMS, Kuffar's MINDSET, Kuffar's Philosophies), KUFFARS won't SATISFY with you UNTIL you follow KUFFAR'S WAY of LIFE, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Muslim by Name, Scholars are worst, Ulema those are CALLING from the GATE of Jahannam (Hell), Upon whom is WRATH of Allah?, What happens when you follow the WAYS of KUFFAR'S?

2:120 Al-Baqara. O Muslims, O Muslim Scholars. Do you know when kuffars ENDORSE you, LIKE you? Only when you follow KUFFAR’S DEEN (Kuffar’s WAY of LIFE, Kuffar’s PHILOSOPHY)

99. The CERTAIN Knowledge (END of the TIME), A Muslim's DEED TODAY could be equivalent to the DEEDS of 50 SAHABA, Dealing with HARDSHIP, DISASTER, CALAMITIES, DIFFICULTIES:, Following the DEEN STRICLTY means like holding to a BURNING COAL, Know the WORTH & DIGNITY being MUSLIM, Know, What is a Muslim and What is being a Muslim?, REWARD: Being PATIENT in hardship while following Allah's DEEN STRICTLY will earn the reward of 50 SAHABA

A Muslim’s DEEDS TODAY could be equivalent to the DEEDS of 50 SAHABA! SubhanAllah!